100 thousand books for children from Ukraine

From the first days of the war, the president’s team is being opined by children, as if they were forced to leave their homes through Russian aggression, and they knew prihistok in different countries of Europe. Vaughn realized that more and more often in the fathers-immigrants blamed the question: “What is the Ukrainian mother’s book for children?”, and launched the project “Books without cordons”.

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Olena Zelenska about the project “Books without cordons”

“Not in the skin” troublesome bag “was stitched a space for books that igrushka. And htos, vizhdzhayuchi, zowsm not mav valіz i speeches, because nothing was left out. That axis is now a child, it seems:” Read me a fairy tale. kaztsі, may you appear! It’s necessary, for whom you won’t pull down all the cordons, “the first lady of Ukraine voiced.

So, Ukrainian publishers share ready-made models of books, and Embassies joke partners in the midst of foreign friends that they are releasing books.

Over 100,000 books have already been entrusted with this rank! A fairy tale, a story, a good thing, roses – everything that pleases, calms, gives us free to children and fathers … Through the mustache of the cordon, bring a book with you peace, home calm and a piece of Batkivshchyna, how to establish order,
– Olena Zelenska voiced outrageously.

Project of Olenya Zelenskaya “Books without cordons” / Photo from the Instagram of the First Lady of Ukraine

14 countries that have reached the Zelenskaya project “Books without cordons”:

  • Latvia – 3 thousand books “Spikelet”, “Veselkova Path”, “Koshenya and Sonechko”, “Bird Fisherman and Spring”;
  • Lithuania – 500 examples of Lesya Ukrainka’s fairy tale “Bida Teach”;
  • Czech Republic – 6 thousand books “Three little pigs”, “Wet nis”; 2.5 thousand examples of the book “Ivanna i bath”;
  • Bulgaria – 6 thousand comprehension books of the “Ranok” publishing house;
  • Estonia – 3 thousand books “Little Sonechko”, “Cheerful Angels”, “Raka Taka”, “Ekoabetka”, Abetka;
  • Sweden – 29 books with little ones for children for two to seven years;
  • Poland – 2,000 copies of books “Samchikivsky Zzhachok”, “Merry Angels”;
  • Slovakia – 1,680 children’s books “Koshenya and Sonechko”, “My name is Lada. What about you?”
  • Great Britain – 15,000 books will be ordered, which will be sent to you at a special entrance to the linden;
  • Moldova – 12 different books of 1,000 skin primaries;
  • Turechchina – 1.2 thousand examples of children’s books;
  • Norway;
  • Nіmechchina;
  • Ireland.

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