Є 3 main points, – Forsyuk named the most advantages of Ukraine’s candidacy in the EU

Advantages of European integration and candidacy in the EU

However, the very candidacy in the EU gives Ukraine image, financial and humanitarian achievements. Natalia Forsyuk, director of the Uryadovy office of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, told Channel 24 about it. Vaughn named three key moments.

Uvaga EU Candidate Status for Ukraine and Moldova

Zokrema, as if she had voted, the statute of a candidate is the political reinforcement of our European future on a legal level. Just like earlier, the price was not a publicity and such a possibility was not fixed on paper.

For vikonannya usіh bureaucratic procedures and minds, Ukraine gains membership in the EU,
– appointed Forsyuk.

Crimea, our geopolitical position on the European continent, it is called foreign. Vaughn is enthralled that you will create a significantly stronger position in the peace negotiations.

And thirdly, for the skin region, as it gains the status of a candidate, it provides access to the structural funds of the EC – the only financial instrument that is available only to the country-candidates. Other powers do not care for new access, to inspire as a favor for association.

Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU: what was done

  • On 23 June Ukraine took away the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union.
  • Now they’ll check the Supreme Court for the sake of eulogizing the European integration laws. They will be taken in priority order. So now on our state is underestimated by low reforms.
  • Ursula von der Leyen said that Ukraine has already managed to implement close to 70% of European rules, norms and standards. Utіm, on it there is still a lot of work, tied to the rule of law, deoligarchization, and such a fight against corruption.

If Ukraine can become a member of the EU

There are no specific terms for how to achieve reforms and join the EU. In other lands it was different. For example, Slovakia became a member of the EU after 5 years after the withdrawal of the candidacy, Finland – after 2 years, and Turkey after 23 years could not complete the reforms.

Before those – marvel at Zelensky’s admission to the status of a candidate in the EU: video

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